தமிழுக்கான வெள்ளை அறை என்றால் என்ன ?

About Scientific Tamil Foundation Trust
The Scientific Tamil Foundation Trust was started during the 1970s by Late. Shri. Manavai
Mustafa (Manavayaar) (மணைவயாណ) (Father of Scientific Tamil), at that timeline it operated in the name of Meera Foundation. Manavayaar always considered Tamil to be his Mother, and during his last days, he wrote a will in which he mentioned that his property would be divided into 4 parts and 3 are for his children and 1 for his Mother (Tamil). After his days perplexed with his vision the family members were a bit confused in how to devout the marked space to Tamil. The Initial plan was to rent the space and use the money for Scientific Tamil Foundation Trust maintenance. After few weeks of his death a memorial function was held and for its purpose a large image of Manavayaar was made and then the family members decided to place it at the trust premises. It was followed by a gallery of the Life and Works of Manavayaar. Slowly the concept moved further and the single bedroom apartment was then completely converted into a Memorial Hall carrying a permanent display of the life and works of Manavayaar. In Lieu with the Vision of Manavayaar the room was painted White and was gradually converted into a Virtual Learning Space vibrating Tamil forever, where his soul would be happy with his Mother (Tamil), at that point in time came into existence the ​White Room Regional Language Research Centre, ​a state of the art virtual learning centre. Very Soon the White Room gained recognition among the Tamil Diaspora for its sustained activities. Many International Organisations have donated useful E Learning Related Instruments for
the use of the White Room. ​ACER Laptop and High Quality Video Conferencing Facility was Gifted by the Canadian Tamils.
About ​the ​White Room Regional Language Research Centre

.300 Meters From Anna nagar Tower metro Station

3 Major Restaurants at 200 Meters Radius

19 Member Seating Capacity

Scientific Tamil Library (100 Books)

ACER Laptop (Gifted By Canadian Tamils)

Air Conditioned Meeting Hall

Kitchen Facility

High Speed WiFi

Green Mat Recording Theater

DSLR Camera with Stand

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